Monday, October 12, 2009

Things I'm Looking Forward to This Week

Ok so it's been awhile since I blahged. I haven't really had a whole lot of things that I thought people would be interested in. But we have some fun things this week and next coming so there will be some more posts. Today's most exciting item is that I'll be getting a new kitchen floor. Jared and I have been talking about having our Pergo ripped out for a few years now and it's finally going to happen. We're getting travertine put in and I'll totally take some before and after pics. So that means my baseboards are getting ripped off and re-painted. So that inspired me to paint another coat of orange paint in my kitchen that has a satin finish. So that will freshen my kitchen up a bit. Can't wait.
Second bit is that Jared and I are staying up at The Cliff Lodge in Snowbird this coming weekend. I'll be sure and take lots of pics of the leaves up there. I hope it snows. I'm looking forward to some relaxation and reading. They have a spa up there too. Last year it was buy one get one half off deal. I hope they have something like that this time because I think I might get a facial.

So lots of posts coming . . . check back in a week or two for some home improvement photos.

Ok, here's the star of the weekend. Jared helped me make tacos on Sunday night after we went and rode the bikes one last time since the weather is cooling down. He was so proud to be wearing one of my aprons that he stressed his desire to get on the blahg. Here he is. Also, our 5 year anniversary is coming up on the 21st. Can't believe it's been five years.

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  1. Snowbird sounds fun.
    Five years for real? Have I really known you that long?