Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Kitchen Floor - Day 1

I can't believe in the matter of one day Jared and I pulled the trigger on getting our new kitchen floor. I'm not one of those super motivated people who always works on their house so I really didn't know when the kitchen floor would even happen. It started this morning with all my appliances getting put in my living room. I took some pics and will post some each day of the progress.
Atticus was a total stinker. We put him in our bedroom to keep him in there while the crew worked. He managed to get himself out of the bedroom twice. Determined little booger. We had to barricade the door with a hamper and other items that he wouldn't be able to push out of the way.
And I officially joined the ranks of individuals who have relocated their toilet out on the porch at one time or another. I apologize to all my neighbors for the mess out there. But we're working on getting it out to the dump.

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  1. It will be so cool when it's done. What a project. Atticus is a human stuck in a cat's body. I love him.