Monday, October 12, 2009

My Halloween Pumpkins

Fall is my favorite season. I love the colors and the weather. I've been wanting to get a cute Fall wreath for my door but I haven't found anything that I'm in love with.

So this weekend Jared and I painted pumpkins. We don't carve them. So on Friday night we bought 3 different sized pumpkins from Smith's and then my parents came over on Saturday to hang out. My mom helped me make the bows because I'm not a bow makin' kinda girl. Give me a recipe, I'll make that. Bows . . . not so much.
So we bought spray paint in lime, purple and blue. We did one coat on Saturday and then I sprayed the bottoms of them today since I had the day off. I love them. Of course I'm pulling them in at night so some punk teenager doesn't throw my pumpkins guys out into the road.


  1. I saw those on your door step today and about died. They are adorable!!!

  2. I love them. I'm going to copy cat.