Thursday, May 5, 2011

Catching Up!

Wow - how pathetic am I? Over 4 months and no post. Well I do have an excuse (see item #1). Since it's been so long we'll do a list of things that have been on the forefront lately. Warning, this is kind of long.

1. Had a baby on 2/4/11 at 8:25 PM after 21 hours of labor. Thank you Mr. Anesthesiologist, my epidural made all the difference. I just love this little Maizie baby. She is the cutest thing ever. A favorite thing right now is the HUGE smiles we get in the morning after we get her out of her crib. And no - she is not sleeping through the night yet. :)

2. Post pregnancy body is not the best and my schedule doesn't allow for a lot of working out. So I have been buying some tops that hide the 'tire'. My favorite place, although somewhat pricey, is Lucky Brand at the gateway. Seriously, almost all my shirts come from there. There's also an outlet up in Park City and they have taken plenty of cash from me. I'm also a big ebayer so I watch for tops there too.

3. Favorite place I went and had lunch at recently - Les Madeleines located in downtown Salt Lake City. This is not to be confused with my favorite place in TX called Le Madeleine. I had the turkey avocado sandwich and a kouing aman. DELISH. Will be going back very soon.

4. Ok for those of you that know me, know that I used to be this CRAZY reader. I used to read upwards of 70 books a year. Yeah, now we're lucky if I finish one a month. Reason - see item #1. However, I am trying to be better. I have made my Summer reading wish list. 3 of the books on that list are: The Heretic's Daughter, Russian Winter, and The Wild Rose (this is a series that I got way sucked into). Hoping to read at least 1 1/2 books a month.

5. Since I have the post pregnancy 'tire' I have been trying to make meals out of our cooking light book. Boy have I found some delicious recipes out of there. One of the recipes that both Jared and I have enjoyed is a Shredded Turkey Alfredo Pizza. See, I have a husband who would have alfredo sauce running through his veins instead of blood if he had his druthers. You can find the recipe here. Very easy and doable on a weeknight. P.S. if you can't find Fontina cheese you can use Gruyere.

6. Went back to work part time and it's the BEST schedule ever! I work Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. I got very lucky that I was able to work this out. Love my 3 day weekends.

7. I have a serious addiction to sour watermelons lately. I discovered they had a 5 lb bag of these at Dick's grocery store. NO . . . I did NOT purchase them.

8. Highlight of my Sunday night is Masterpiece Theatre. When Maizie goes down for her short 40 minute naps on my days off, this is what I am catching up on instead of doing laundry and cleaning my house. Love the Classic lineup they do for Winter/Spring. Still waiting to see what Summer/Fall schedule is.

9. Survivor - yes I am still one of those people that watches this show after being on for 100 years. I can't help but laugh at how ridiculous the cast is most of the time.

10. I LOVE my life. I have so many wonderful people and things that I am so grateful for. I have the best husband who is my best friend and honestly the most kind guy in the world. I have the most amazing friends who help me out and add so much happiness. My family is the best and they have been so great to us and Maizie. So many things that I have to be thankful for.