Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We're Still Alive

Ok, I have truly fallen off the deep end but there is a very good explanation. I'm going to keep this short. Notice, I said WE are still alive . . .

Meet the newest addition to the Evan's Family. I can't get the stupid pic to rotate but you get the point. I haven't even unleashed my little womb inhabitant upon Facebook yet. Some of you know, and some don't. And some find out when they see me at church when they haven't seen me in months because we don't cross paths.

Needless to say, I was missing for a LONG time because our little BE (baby Evans) was reeking havok on my body and I got quite acquainted with the toilets in my house. Enough said. I was very sick, and sick a lot. Not to the point where I was in the hospital but sick enough to where I was on 2 different pills and I considered myself a dependant on those things.

And lastly - who is little BE? Well this is Jared's and my daughter - Maizie (May-Zee) Laine Evans.

Due Date is 1/28/11. Officially on the downhill slope and hoping she comes into this world during a complete blizzard.