Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Halloween Table Runner

I don't have a kitchen table anymore. We gave it away to my parents since we only used it as a catch all in my kitchen. And now I need a chair to put a high chair on and I don't have one. Smart right? So what do I do? I make a Halloween table runner. Except this table runner will sit on my piece of furniture below my TV. We'll set the candy bowl on it.

It turned out really cute and it was really easy to make. And it didn't take super long. I just bought 5 fat quarters of quilting cotton and cut them down to the size I wanted.

I also put a back on it and then made my own bias tape. I got a vertical stripe cotton and then cut on the bias so that my bias tape would have diagonal stripes. I think it turned out pretty cute even though it's homemade.

Houston Party Outfit

So I posted about the bloomers I made for Maizie. Here is the rest of the outfit. The first pic I took of her she was crying. But this was another pic we took a little later. Since Jared is holding her it's hard to see the whole thing but it turned out really cute. One thing, the top was a little too long. I had measured Maizie but when I put it on her the neck was too low. The size was 6-12 months but the dress pattern definitely leaned more toward 12 months so that was the problem. But with sewing it's a constant learning activity. She'll still be able to fit into a few months down the road and I could put a cardigan with it. But we'll definitely be wearing this to church in the near future.

Goin' on a Jet Plane

Maizie's first plane ride was on a Continental jet headed to Houston. I was really nervous about how she would do because whining and crying babies are not my forte in the least. I was actually really impressed but how well she did. We were flying right during her nap time so I was hoping she would just settled in my arms and sleep but she's not one to sleep on the go. She's used to getting planned naps the same time everyday in her crib or her pack n' play. She whined a little bit and then finally gave it up and only slept for 30 minutes. We had some unruly smaller children behind us. My poor sister kept getting kicked and the mom wasn't telling her child to stop kicking the seat. Anyway, the only times that Maizie was really bothered was the take off and landing with the changes in cabin pressure. Just writing this out I can feel my ear popping! So I would fly again but don't want to for awhile. And Maizie did look adorable because I bought her a special flying outfit. Not to mention the HUGE bow! But we were headed to TX so the bow was only appropriate.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The latest obsession

A few years ago all my spare time was consumed by reading. It was literally all I used to do. Let's just say the dishes and laundry would sometimes suffer. I got to a point where it kind of burned me out. Then I had Maizie and my time started to get spread a little thinner, not to mention that I was still working 24 hours a week. And as of June, I recently added another hobby to my list and this one has already started to snowball and railroad other activities. Of course Maizie still takes priority but once 7 PM rolls around and she goes to bed for the night I get 3 hours of me time. And that me time gets quickly taken up by some sewing project I've decided to do. And let's say I already have a file box organized of patterns, projects, and online sewing tutes that I've stored for the future. I kind of have an obsessive personality.

Ok so here are a few pics of a pair of bloomers I made for Maizie. I just barely finished the top dress this week and it turned out super cute. I'll unvail the picture of Maizie in it next week because she's going to be wearing this outfit for a party we are having at my brother's house down in Houston.

But there are just too many fun projects I'm finding online and I'm a little obsessed with buying fabric because there are so many gorgeous designs that I feel like I have to have them. Let's say I frequent and all the time. And if you are a fabric buyer then let me tell you that I find it the cheapest on crafter's vision more often. However, they don't offer free shipping if you spend $35 but you can choose how much you want to pay for shipping depending on how fast you want it. And let me add that is warehoused in GA so it takes my orders a full week to get to my house whereas I get my crafter's vision orders in the same week I order them. Not bad.

Next project after I get home from Houston will be a table runner for my piece of furniture that sits below my TV. I'm going to make it out of Halloween fabric. Should be fun. Here's the tutorial I'm using if you are interested. I'm adjusting the measurements to fit my furniture appropriately.

Updated Maizie Pics

It's been a little while since I've posted. I get a little lazy with the blog because it's my least favorite thing to do out of my hobbies. It being behind reading and sewing. Yes sewing, that's another blog post. Here's some updated pics of the Amazing Maizie baby. She is such a little treat. Just the sweetest baby ever. She even sleeps 12 hours through the night I'm proud to say.