Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Goin' on a Jet Plane

Maizie's first plane ride was on a Continental jet headed to Houston. I was really nervous about how she would do because whining and crying babies are not my forte in the least. I was actually really impressed but how well she did. We were flying right during her nap time so I was hoping she would just settled in my arms and sleep but she's not one to sleep on the go. She's used to getting planned naps the same time everyday in her crib or her pack n' play. She whined a little bit and then finally gave it up and only slept for 30 minutes. We had some unruly smaller children behind us. My poor sister kept getting kicked and the mom wasn't telling her child to stop kicking the seat. Anyway, the only times that Maizie was really bothered was the take off and landing with the changes in cabin pressure. Just writing this out I can feel my ear popping! So I would fly again but don't want to for awhile. And Maizie did look adorable because I bought her a special flying outfit. Not to mention the HUGE bow! But we were headed to TX so the bow was only appropriate.

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