Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mixed Bag of Candy

Since I haven't blahgged in awhile here's just some random updates. I had to get these posts up on here so I could earn my book tonight. I know, I'm such a book nerd. But there's a book I've been waiting for all summer and it came out on Tuesday and I promised I wouldn't start reading it until I got some photos uploaded of the floor and other things.
Tomorrow the purple scarf with the white skulls is coming out. I've got to go hit up walmart tonight so I can grab some candy for work tomorrow since we open it up to kids of employees to come and trick or treat in the afternoon. I also need to grab some ultra fine glitter so I can do glitter fingernails to match my red glitter toes for Saturday. I'm dressing up as my favorite book character on Saturday but hardly anyone will get it (only a few friends and neighbors). I've never been good at the dressing up thing since I was in elementary school but at least I'm attempting to do as much as I am this year. In fact I used to hate Halloween so this is a big step for me. I would leave college Halloween parties crying because my costume was always lame. Girls used it as a poor excuse to wear the least amount of costume possible. hee hee. I could never pull off the skank thing. I'll post pics of course of my attempt at dressing up this year.

2 weekends ago Jared and I stayed up at 'the Bird' for the weekend and the weather was beyond gorgeous and in the 60s. No snow this year unlike last year. I'm posting pics of what the view was from our room. And don't worry . . . this week we got our first snow, even though it's not on the ground anymore. Winter is coming to Utah soon.

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  1. You were inspired this year :) It's nice to be enjoying a little more good weather . . .