Thursday, February 26, 2009

Colin Firth + Zombies = P&P&Z

Today while I was on I saw a short article on a much anticipated book coming out in the spring. I know I blog about books a lot, and it may be annoying, but when you read 7 of them a month, what else do you expect?

Pride & Prejudice & Zombies! I know what you are thinking. What the??? But when I saw the cover of this book I know I HAVE to read it!! The cover just made me laugh, there was something about it that I just loved. I know, call me weird and morbid. (See what Wuthering Heights did to me?) Here’s what piqued my interest . . . it’s still the original writing with the interjection of the “unmentionables” which is what they are calling the zombies because it’s still going to be written in the ‘old world’ style and zombies would have been a curse word back then. But I LOVED all 6 hours of P&P on DVD done by the BBC. HA! That was a cool little rhyme. I haven’t actually read P&P and I’m planning on it since I’m on this quest to read classics. P&P&Z doesn’t come out until May so that will give me plenty of time to read Jane Austen’s untouched version before the zombie rebellion takes over.


  1. That's awesome! I loved the 6 hour version of P&P too, and the book is great! Ha! What an intriguing is fantastic =]

  2. I applaud you being able to READ the classics. I have had to listen to them on CD because I have such a hard time reading old British writing. At least Jane Austen types. Dickens is much easier. The more I watch different version of P&P, plus having listened to the book and read others that are just different versions of that story, the more I love it. You'll have to make sure to let us know how the zombie version is, as Iwill probably skip out on that one. And I LOVE how much you write about books!

  3. I too am a P&P have sparked my interest. I never would have put the two together but could be fun to read.