Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Heart British Miniseries

So I finished my first classic book of March last week. I read and read as fast as I could because I was so excited to watch the miniseries. The book was North & South by Elizabeth Gaskell. This is not the North South of the civil war. This is England. The book was very good and I found myself totally into the characters. I bought the DVD off of Amazon because I just knew I was going to love it. I also have a very bad habit of getting over excited and just buying things like this off Amazon. But the DVD did not disappoint and I watched it in 2 days and I already want to watch it again. It followed very closely to book. And speaking of the book, why is it that the guy and girl never get together until the very last page and you don't get to enjoy them being together?? Well here's a little pic of John Thornton. Not bad huh?

I'm already onto my second classic for the month, Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway. This is my first Hemingway book.

This weekend my niece Paige is coming over for a little play date. She's almost 13 but we have a great time together and we are planning on doing some cooking lessons, makeup, and playing a few games. I'll take some pictures of us having some fun.

Jared's birthday is next Tuesday, I never forget his birthday because it falls on St. Patrick's Day. He'll be the big 2-9. His favorite cake is angel food. I wanted to take him to Five Guys because I have heard they have some super yummy hamburgers and for some reason I have been eating burgers like crazy. But I was really hoping the location in Bountiful would be open but I don't think it is yet.

Oh yeah . . . still working on getting the makeup site up. I did a makeup lesson this past Saturday and I really need to share my tips. Here's a little preview of the types of things that could be on it. Want to know the BEST mascara? Well guess what? The best mascara is Max Factor 2000 Calorie. It's not the expensive stuff and it sells at Smith's Marketplace for about $6. It's seriously a great mascara, no smudging, or clumping and I've been using it for the past 10 years and it's still amazing stuff. Now go out and buy yourself some new mascara.


  1. Awesome Britt. I have to try that mascara that you've been telling me about for a long time now. I like almost all British miniseries. You get through things so much faster than I do. So Jared . . . Acme of course - or come down this way to Five Guys. But I've also heard about a place in Gateway called The Counter. Custom built burgers. www.thecounterburger.com It's more in atmosphere like Five Guys (cafeteria - not restaurant). Happy bday to Jared.

  2. Coming home with me?

    I all ready miss my Thurston. Seriously I'm in love with him after last night. Oh, I still can't comment at work. Don't know what the deal is.

  3. DUDE!
    The highlight of my week was reading the past three blog posts of yours that I have missed. Do you know what an amazing writer you are? You seriuosly have a talent for writing. I was laughing so hard at the simplest things. I think your writing style is amazing. I better simmer down because anyone reading my comment will think I have a serious girl crush:) I love how into the classic books you are this year. I am such a follower, because I know that if I am looking for a good book, or a good British miniseries, I can always come knocking at your door (long distance knocking anyway). I HEART BRITISH MINISERIES TOO, and you for being the best friend I could ever ask for.