Thursday, February 19, 2009

Classic Books, Wynn Las Vegas and a Wedding

Well I haven't even made it 3 months yet and I'm already starting to feel like reading these classic books is more of a chore than something I enjoy. The only way I can describe it is the joy you feel from eating a pork salad at Cafe Rio compared to eating a homemade taco with the canned meat. I LOVE reading my best sellers and I'm averaging 6-7 books a month now because that's pretty much how I spend all my spare time. But going from a super fun read to these classics is hard. The classic books aren't bad they are just slower and I'm still having a hard time getting used to it. But I feel like I should read these classics because they are classics for a reason and it would be good to add to my repertoire. Right now I'm reading Wuthering Heights and Emily Bronte's writing style makes it difficult to tell who is telling the story. It has it's moment though when I'm hooked and then it will drop off. But the plan is to finish the book and then rent the Masterpiece Theatre DVD and iron all my clothes and watch. I'm halfway through the book and it's 322 pages. Normally I would read that in 2 days but I'm going on day three now.

In other events, Jared's sister got married in Phoenix this past Saturday. It was a quick trip and we drove 24 hours in a 72 hour time period but it was important that we be there. It was my first time in Phoenix. It wasn't as warm as I wanted but 60 degrees was still better than 30 and a blizzard back in UT.

Lastly, I've been asked to post pics of what our room looked like while J and I stayed at the Wynn. It's a 5 star hotel that we got for a killer deal and it was beyond gorgeous and by far the best hotel I have ever stayed in or probably will ever stay in.


  1. That is such a cute picture of you and Jared. I love your makeup in that pic. Wow! Your hotel puts ours to shame...what a view! You have been busy lately!!

  2. Thanks for the room pix. I'll probably never get there. The view was gorgeous. Fun

  3. You look gorgeous. I love your makeup, hair, earrings - everything.

  4. Britt! What a great pic of you and j. I loved the room too. That will have to be on the britt and Sarah begas list. I am totally going to print off that pic and hang it in my house.