Monday, February 9, 2009

Vegas Highlights

Another month down and we are already in February. I can't believe it. I will be spending my Valentine's day watching my sister in law get married in Arizona. I'm excited to be able to have another warm weekend and see her get married.

Vegas last week was a blast. We ate way too much, saw 2 Vegas shows, and shopped until we dropped. Ok, Jared is still standing but I definitely dropped. Honestly, I didn't see too many pieces of clothing that I had to have. I guess since we are in February we are in between seasons and I won't be doing any major shopping for a long long time. I did get a cute hoodie from the Lucky Brand store. I also bought a boat load of makeup from MAC Pro at Caesar's Forum Shops. I posted some makeup pics from my little demo at MAC. I loved what she did. I also had a gift card to J Crew so that also came in handy.

As for food, we ate at some great places. First night we ate at Cheesecake Factory and I overate and totally made myself sick. We had to trade in our tickets to Beatles' Love for the showing the following night because I was so sick. Second night we ate a Maggiano's Little Italy. Best Italian food ever for a chain restaurant! We love it so much that Jared and I are their two nights in a row and I ordered the same thing twice. Chicken and Spinach Manicotti. Yummy!!! Then the third day we ate at BLT Burger in the Mirage. Super good!! When we were walking in the Mirage to go see Love all we could smell were these burgers and so we had to eat there. I highly recommend it. I also made my own fry sauce to dip my seasoned waffle fries in. But sadly, I opted out of the Twinkie Boy shake. That's seriously what it was called, it's a twinkie, ice cream and lots of caramel.

Oh, I finished Anna Karenina about a week ago. That book was huge in content and size. It was a good book but very heavy to read if you know what I mean. I don't think I'll be reading Tolstoy's War and Peace anytime soon. My next classic is going to be Wuthering Heights becuase Sabrina Fuller was raving about the Masterpiece Theatre version was and so I want to see if the library has it to watch after I read it. I also want to rent Anna K miniseries and compare it to the book. Gotta tell you, I like Anna as a character in the beginning of the book but by the end I wanted to choke her.

Tomorrow I'll post a yummy Lemon Chicken recipe. I made some lemon chicken tonight for dinner but it was a healthy recipe and no as yummy as this recipe that I got out of Cooks Country magazine.


  1. WOW your description of all the food made me crave some of it! :o) Especially cheesecake factory! Thanks for reffering Brek to the author Marcia Lynn McClure....I have read Shackles of Honor and I am now doing The Whispered Kiss....I have loved these easy to read romance novels! I can't wait to see the Lemon Chicken recipe....Ray can handle chicken pretty good and I am starting to feel all my recipes are tasting the same and I need a boost!!

  2. Vegas sounds so fun. How was the other show at the Wynne? Was the room delux - you should post pictures of the inside of the room :)