Tuesday, August 11, 2009

29 Spankings

That's right . . . I received 29 spankings from my silly niece Paige on Saturday night, it was my 29th birthday. Jared and I kind of celebrated all week by doing lots of little activities. First, I decided to learn how to ride a motorcycle. I rode a few times last week and I'm switching gears and going around Jared's warehouse. I'm not up to par to ride on the street yet but I'm taking a 2 day course starting this Friday. I'm excited and scared at the same time so wish me luck. I learned on Jared's little bike but it will be a big girl bike for my classes. I know, I'll be careful, I promise.

On Friday night we went to The Roof restaurant and I decided that was the last time we were going there. The food is really not that good, let's be honest. And for what they charge for a plate, they should make a better effort at making their food taste better than what I can cook at home. It really wasn't good. Big disappointment. However, I did eat a decent piece of pecan tart and I am still trying to find a recipe that is close.

Saturday night we went to the Training Table and ate some cheese fries with my sister Tiffany, my niece Paige and my parents. It was delicious and made up for the LAME dinner I had the night before. We topped the night off with a few rounds of Mexican Train dominoes and the delicious chocolate chip cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes. If you haven't driven out to 106th in Sandy to get one of these guys, you need to. Worth the money. Best bundt cake I have ever tasted. Yummy!!

Sorry no recipes tonight. My sister Cerise, who lives in Texas, and I have recommitted to eating healthy. If I make it past three weeks it will be an accomplishment. Thanks Cerise for keeping me motivated. We'll have to check in a lot with each other. I'm determined to find some healthy recipes that taste just as delicious as my regular recipes. When I find some winners, I'll definitely post them.

Also, these pics were taking with my new point and shoot camera. Pics look pretty good I think.

Talk to ya'll soon.


  1. I'll send some recipes your way. And no...no reality shows for us...haha :) Glad you had a great birthday!

  2. You're going to look HOT on that big girl bike. Bundt cake is on my list for the weekend. Right after brunch.