Sunday, August 30, 2009

The August Review

So I didn't post a ton this month. I've been busy with various things so here's the run down.

Ok so as posted before, I decided to learn how to ride a motorcycle spontaneously. It's one of those things that I always thought would be cool to learn and I just pulled the trigger. I like to think of it as working on my marriage. hee hee. Jared rides and so I hate for him to be out there all alone seeing the sites and me sitting around the house watching all my BBC shows or reading my books. So I'm being selfless and trying to spend more time with him. Not bad, huh? This is me in the church parking lot just getting started. Don't worry though, I've graduated to major streets. Tonight we took a ride into Farmington. So fun!! Got a few bugs stuck in my lipgloss but I'm still alive.

Next item. This is just a funny pic of my cat. He loves boxes and crawled into my boot box that had the lid attached. He got in a laid down. Silly boy. Psst . . . don't look, I'm hiding.

I'll do a separate post about some of the books I read this summer. Saw Time Traveler's Wife last Friday with some neighbor friends and it was really good for being a book adaptation. I loved the book and thought the movie was pretty good. TTW will probably be on my list of top 10 books I read this year. I know 10 seems like a lot but we're pushing 50 books this year so far.

Lastly, I discovered Cutler's cookies. This was not a good thing. I have a craving for one of their cookies about once a week. I especially love their brownie marshmallow cookies. Yum!!!

Oh . . . I used to have the best snickerdoodle recipe that made puffy cookies instead of flat ones. I'm on the quest to finding that recipe again. Jared and I tested out some snickerdoodles this week and they were yummy. Gooey and yummy . . . but flat. Once I get that figured out, I'll post it.


  1. Oh my--so much fun stuff B!!! First, you look adorable on your motorcycle. Acutally, maybe adorable isn't the right word-you look HOT! I love it!!!! Secondly, yes..if you find your snickerdoodle recipe, please share. I can vouch for you that they are the best ever! Remember queso we used to make too-yummy. You look great girl, and yay for crouton chicken!

  2. I love these pictures . . . you, the bike, and Atticus. I'll send you a recipe I have for Snickerdoodles. You can compare it to your flat recipes to see if it's any different. Baking Powder, right?

  3. You are such a stud on that bike... I told my hubby I want one now.