Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Spellcheck Function On?

This was too funny that Jared said I had to post it. Notice something that doesn't quite fit? "Wait! Jared, rewind . . . did you see that?" Apparently, someone who works on the ad campaigns for Stockton to Malone Honda had some dirty glasses. Or, oh no! All this time I thought it was spelled S T I L L and I've been in err all this time!!

Also on a side note . . . Jared was insistant that I blog that he bought us a 47" LCD flat screen tonight at Costco. He's been saving up his money. Now we just need to sell our old set up so he can mount his new toy flush to the wall. It's on KSL if anyone is interested.


  1. That is too funny, I have never been one to experience a TV blooper...I would have made it a blog entry too!

  2. HOLY COW. Way to score. The gravitational pull will be so strong, you won't be able to leave the house again. hee.

    stilL - must be his former part time job . . .

  3. Hello! I can't believe you got a freakin' blog and didn't tell me! Trouble with a capitol T!! Happy you are in this world that I occasionally visit!

  4. What the heck? I didn't know you had a blog? You crack me up and tell Jared I am very excited for him and his new tv!! Love your blog!