Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My GG comments for Jan. 5 ep

For those of you that know me well, Gossip Girl is one of my favorite shows and I love to talk about the episode after every Monday night.

So after a month of waiting, the anticipation was finally over and GG picked up where it left off with Chuck running off to Bangkok to put a band aid over his wounds after the death of his father. I thought this episode was placed close to the good/ok area of the scale of goodness. I am missing the catty and strong side of Blair while she is trying to help Chuck who, I believe, doesn’t deserve nor appreciate her support. I’ve been a long time fan of Chuck and Blair being together but is anyone else ready to see Blair get with someone else to put some seeds of jealousy in Chuck’s brain? Which brings me to the question of what the following exchange between Jack Bass, Chuck’s uncle, and Blair was all about last night. “He cannot know about what happened on New Years.” What????? I had my predictions that Jack was going to take a liking to his Highness Waldorf but apparently maybe that is old news. It looks like Chuck may be finding out the juice on that next week but does he really have the right to be upset with Blair over that? Ok, she could have chosen someone else, but Chuck’s record with who he chooses at dates isn’t spotless in the least. I’m anxious to see where this is going to go. But I had a thought . . . perhaps Jack blackmailed Blair into doing something she didn't want to do to protect Chuck and his interest in Bass Industries. I mean she did drop the L bomb, would she really go haul off and hook up with Jack? I'm not so sure.

So Dan and Serena are back together . . . for the moment. Any predictions on how many episodes this is going to last? My guess is 2, ending the beginning of the 3rd episode.

Where was my favorite hair boy Nate??

Favorite things about the episode: LOVED the headbands that the exclusive women’s club was wearing over to Blair’s apartment. And they had matching argyle sweaters to boot! I love argyle. Loved Blair’s outfits this episode, especially the beret. Jenny is finally starting to redeem herself from her ridiculous teenage behavior. Thank you. What about Chuck don’t we love? I loved his bi-color loafers he was wearing to school and I was digging the suit he had on later in the episode at Victrola. And finally . . . Serena left Aaron in South America to find a remedy for his lack of facial hair growth, personality, and chemistry with girls.

Can’t wait for next Monday. Will Rufus get the style back in his hair if he reconciles with Lily? He looked like a wet dog the whole episode. I guess time will only tell.

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