Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Let's Play Makeup!!!

Ok I know I already posted tonight but I have had a lot of my friends request to see some photos of makeup work that I've done. Lately I have been doing a lot of faces for homecoming, dances, and prom. And I've done some weddings. It's so fun, I LOVE it!!! And I love my little 'clients' too!

For those who don't know, last fall I decided to hone my skills as a makeup artist. I took a long distance learning course about makeup, technique, color strategy, and facial analysis. It was about a week course and I had to watch my classes from home and then do a makeup assignment. My assignment consisted of different types of makeup and taking photos of my working and sending them in and getting graded. I graduated as an honor student . . . wahoo!!! Here's photos of some of my work. But please remember this photos have not been enhanced by photoshop or taken by a professional photographer. This last picture is me. I know it's scary and weird but that was the point. I had to do a creative/high fashion look. Granted this is not high fashion but the point was to do something you don't wear everyday. So I put on my wedding dress . . . thank goodness it still fit. And yes, that is my dead, dried bouquet. Jared and I went to Memory Grove and took some photos. People were looking at us like we were crazy. So I put on the palest color foundation I had and really caked it on. Then I drew my eyebrows super thick and darker than my natural color. I did just matte colors and just put a strip going up my lid. I wanted to look flat and have no shine or dimension to my face. Finally I did 'doll' like blush and it was very splotchy red, the photograph has toned it down some from what it really looked like. And it was freezing and windy so my eyes were watering like crazy and I was just smearing the stuff all over my face. Anyway, I'm being brave by posting this.

I promise to post more, I haven't taken photos of my work in the last month or so. But I do any kind of makeup for any occassion, i.e. wedding parties, formals, dances, special occassion, or makeup lessons. I just love it . . . I can talk about it forever!! Got questions . . . just ask! Know anyone who needs a makeup artist . . .please send them my way!


  1. Your blahg is so fun. I love the pictures. When you post them, if you think it's a good idea, put down what colors you used. I like the colors on the non-Brittney blond. The recipes are great, too.

  2. You have always been so good at it! I remember our sleepovers in high school where Leigh, You and I would experiment with makeup. You always looked the best. That is probably why all the guys were after you! :) I am glad you are following a dream. You will totally be sucessful! I could totally use some pointers in this department. I still have lousy skin, that breaks out easily. Do you have any skin care ideas as well as makeup? You go girl! Love the pictures.

  3. I LOVE the pics...and especially love the drama of your pic!! Its awesome! I'm glad you're following your dream =} You're a talented lady Brit!!!!