Monday, January 11, 2010

The 09 Favorites Short List

Ok so again long over due post but oh well. Here’s a list of some favorites of 2009.

Favorite TV Show: Mad Men – although I was not alive in the 60s this show has totally sucked me into all the drama. The writing is awesome and every show makes me laugh even though this show is not a comedy.

Favorite Rolls: Texas Road House – we go to dinner with our dining buddies, The Fullers often and we almost always go here. Seriously, I think my record roll eating number is now at 6 rolls during a dinner. Time to cut down.

Favorite Movie of 09: Avatar – I’m not a huge movie person at all but I wasn’t expecting to like this movie as much as I did. I really like it despite its futurism and occasionally cheesy moments. 500 Days of Summer is a close 2nd. Made me laugh and I don’t find most movies funny.

Favorite Author: Charlaine Harris

Quick note - if you are thinking of reading anything I'm posting below you should ask me so I can give you a quick run down so you know if it might be something you'll like. And just as a note, there are a few books listed here that contain mature content . . . ok moving on

Favorite Book Series of 09: Harper Connelly, Southern Vampire Mysteries, Hunger Games, there's others but I wrote the top three

Favorite Stand Alone Books for 2009: The Book Thief, Time Traveler’s Wife, Skeletons at the Feast, and The Help – which one would I most definitely make sure I read in my lifetime? Book Thief. This book completely left an impression on me unlike any other book I had ever read. And knowing how much I read, that says a lot.

Favorite Gadget of 09: My Amazon Kindle. Jared suggested I get a handle on the book habit and so the Kindle was my Christmas gift. I love it and its completely changed the way I’ve read a book. Its weird not having the physical book anymore but I’m enjoying the different experience.

On to 2010. I’m planning on taking some cooking courses at Orson Gygi later in the Spring and I’m looking forward to those. I would also like to learn how to sew and perhaps I’ll think about committing to that around my birthday. Of course I’ll continue to read and keep everyone posted about what’s on the kindle.

May everyone have the best that 2010 has to offer.

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  1. Okay we must be on the same wavelength because I was just getting ready to post a recap post. I need to bump Mad Men up on my queue, I keep hearing way too many good things about it. I'm just worried because it will add to my vintage clothing obsession. Also I totally have The Help on my wait list at the library. Too funny.