Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I can finally start pretending that Christmas is at my house

After Sabrina took over my life for the past week and a half with ward party decorations I can finally resume my normal habits. Sabrina is amazing and has the best party decor ideas so it was fun to get to be a 'scraper' for a week and do crafty stuff. But on Sunday Jared and I finally got our Christmas tree up. I love our tree and I have to fix holes here and there because Atticus thinks its a toy he can climb. Of course there are no presents under it yet but we'll get there. Oh and I bought some lime green glittery wire ribbon last night at Michaels and I need to you tube a video to make a big bow. I have no idea how to make those bows. Funny huh? Here's detailed pics and a cute pic of Jared and I this holiday.