Thursday, November 17, 2011

Plan B - Maizie's Christmas Dress

Remember this photo of the fabric I wanted? I must be color blind becuase in this photo the fabric looks teal and silver to me. NOPE. When I got it last week it was EMERALD GREEN and GOLD! Needless to say I was NOT a happy camper at all. I also made a mistake and didn't see that the listing said it was bright green with gold feather and flowers. But bright green? What kind of green? The seller should have said it was EMERALD because I wouldn't have bought it. Good news is the seller agreed to let me return it. So now I'm on to plan B with my fabric choice. Haven't recieved my pattern in the mail yet but I'm hoping it comes soon.

My Christmas sewing is on schedule. I'm 90% done with the first gift I was doing. Second gift is a pair of PJs for Maizie. I'll post some pics as I get those going.

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