Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mizz MaiZie CaKes

If I ever get a bakery someday(which I won't but if I did . . . .) I would call it that. So no stealing my name. Ok? I realized I hadn't put up pictures lately of the cutie. I always just post to FB thinking everyone will just see them there.

I gave M a pear slice one day and she gnawed on it with her little bottom teeth, but she was right on my lap. Her cheeks pretty much always have that rosey color all the time. I'm sure it's a teething thing.

We went to the park one Saturday and we were literally the only ones there. It was a little chilly but the weater was really perfect. She gets tired of being strapped in her car seat or stroller. So I was handing her toy after toy.

Isn't this hat the BEST? This was a gift from Aunt Crystal in TX. It actually has a big flower on it but I'm not sure you can tell it's that by the picture. She smiled at just the perfect time. Another pic in the car seat unfortunately but those are the easiest since she can't crawl away from me.

This picture here makes me laugh. We were pretending she was a big girl and sleeping in a big girl bed. I put her in my bed and made her all cozy in the sheets. One funny thing about her wearing a bib is sometimes Jared will swing her in the air and call her 'Superbaby who wears her cape on the front'. He comes up with the best things.

M is just the sweetest girl and we love her more and more everyday. She literally NEVER cries. And she sleeps 12 hours through the night? I have no idea what I did to deserve this little button.

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