Monday, June 22, 2009

Sorry, this is a loooooong one

Today would have been the perfect day to wear a scarf. I LOVE scarves. They’ve easily become my favorite accessory for both the winter and spring. I think I’ve collected about 15 scarves now. I have equal representation between Target and TJ Maxx on my scarf hanger which sits just to the right of my wire tower concoction that serves as my t-shirt depository. My scarf community now has 2 new immigrants from the Lucky Outlet but these 2 scarves are bigger than it’s fellow hanger habitants so I’ll have to wait until the fall to really give them the attention they deserve. The reason today would have been the perfect day to wear a scarf is because even though it’s the later half of the month of June, my arms are prickling with goose bumps and my tire pressure warning kept coming on in my car today because the temperature read at 58 degrees and all my tires were at 30 PSI except my front drivers side tire which was at 27 PSI. So the next time I start up my car and my tire pressure goes off, I’ll know to take a moment, leave my car running and book it upstairs to my room and grab a scarf. Sometimes I get lazy and don’t feel like wearing a necklace and that’s what started my scarf habit. Today I was just plain lazy and didn’t wear either a necklace or a scarf. But don’t worry I have 5 bracelets all on my right wrist so today wasn’t all for naught.

Vegas was fun as usual. It was a quick 2 night trip which in my opinion is the best way to do Vegas. It was in the 100s and quite toasty. We stayed at Bellagio and I think I forgot to take a picture of the room. That just tells you how memorable I though it was. The best way I can describe the Bellagio accommodations is dated luxury. About 10 years ago the Bellagio was the premier hotel on the strip. I wouldn’t say that’s the case anymore. After staying at the Wynn a few months ago, I would say that is the premier hotel on the strip. The only way I’ve been able to stay in all these hotels is because the economy. If times were better, I would be staying somewhere else. So for now, I’ll enjoy the perk. But we could hear our neighbors in the room next door and we had a plumbing issue between the toilet and sink. Every time the toilet in the same plumbing system would get flushed we could hear our sink make a gurgling noise. We were going to change rooms but we decided not to since we weren’t really in the room all that much. The Bellagio pools were amazing. We sat at a pool that had a huge fountain and every time the wind blew we would get a mist and that was such a bonus given the hot weather. I got sunburned within an hour and half so we had to go back inside. Jared and I ate a lot, which is always commonplace with a Vegas trip. We ate Dos Caminos our first night and I really enjoyed it. I had fish tacos and fresh guacamole and salsas. Jared wasn’t so much impressed with it. It’s definitely more of a trendy place to eat and Jared just isn’t my trendy eater. He enjoys his chain restaurants more I’ve noticed. We did not make it to Serendipity 3 as I wanted to. We just couldn’t fit it in. But we did make it to BLT Burger in the Mirage and ate some delicious burgers, I had sweet potato fries and finished it off with a campfire milkshake which consisted of vanilla ice cream and toasted marshmallows and you could really taste the toastedness. It was delicious.

We were also supposed to go see Barry Manilow at the Vegas Hilton. Now I’ll be honest, I was somewhat dreading this because I am no fan of Mr. Manilow. And you have to remember it was actually my in laws that were supposed to be going. So Jared called the morning of the concert to make sure the tickets would be in will call and I hear the lady through his little phone speaker say “I’m sorry, Mr. Evans but that concert was cancelled three weeks ago. We sent the email out. We are so sorry.” Jared looks back at me and we both start pumping our fists in the air with a whispered “YES!!!!” because he was still on the line with the ticket agent. We instead went a saw O at the Bellagio which is another Cirque De Soleil show. I will say that it was very interesting if not bizarre. There was no rhyme or reason to the storyline other than water. The acrobatics were amazing the music was average. Would I see it again? No. Would I recommend it to anyone else? Probably not. I am convinced that the best show on the strip is Love at the Mirage. Go see that one and every dime of your pricey ticket will be well worth it.

After 2 nights in Vegas we headed up to St. George to stay another 2 nights. We actually stayed in the housing development that looked, to me, like it had lost funding and they had to rent out the houses to get some kind of cash flowing. So we stayed in a new house that was fully furnished and by my standards nicer than the Bellagio. It was actually out in Hurricane and it was by the Sand Hollow lake area. We just relaxed and watched movies with our friends Dan and Megan Davidson who met us there. It was so quiet at night and you never heard any cars ever drive by, unlike the 1500 So. street I live on currently. That was something I noticed last night as I was trying to go to sleep.

On our way back, Jared and I listened to The Hunger Games audiobook. I had actually already read this book last Fall but I thought Jared would like it. While I was listening to it, I forgot what a great book it is, even given that it’s more a young adult book. But it’s quite violent actually and the characters are deep characters. The plot line is impressively very adult and I would recommend it to anyone. I think I liked it better the second time around.

Sheesh my entries always get so long, sorry. I’ve got to figure out how to cut it down. Well this week, it’s detox and back to exercising. Jared is in San Diego this whole week and I’m having my parents over for dinner on Wednesday to make up for missing Father’s Day. I’ll blog the menu and put up a little pic of the parentals for everyone to see.

Seriously . . . why can’t it be 5:00 PM already? (Don’t tell anyone that I type my blog out at work.)

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  1. Don't ever apologize again about length. That was such a fun post to read. FAB in fact. After I read the first paragraph, I thought - OMG - this is the funniest blog post EVER . . . You are just like me about Vegas shows. I would never go to shows in Vegas. they don't interest me at all. BUT, I would go multiple times to Love @ the Mirage, in fact, as you know, I've been there twice already. I'd be glad to go again. It's just a perfect magical blend of music and physical performance and visual effects. Genius at work all the way around. Oh wait - actually, I went to the Blue Man Group many years ago, and it was very good, too. Very groundbreaking.

    Good post. Good report.