Monday, June 15, 2009

June Showers Bring July Heat??

Summer is here and there is nothing more comforting than to know the weather pattern with summer’s emergence is always the same here in Utah as far as I can remember. And as far as I can remember goes back 11 years. In fact, June is my anniversary date for moving to Utah. Woot! Raise the roof ladies and gents! I was just telling my mom on the phone this afternoon that I was going to be 29 in August and wondered if she could believe it. Seems like it was just yesterday that I was 17, fresh off the HS graduation train with my bags packed and thinking I was ready for adult life. Boy, have I learned a lot in these past 11 years.

Anyway, got off track there. As I was saying earlier, June has come into Utah with its typical weather pattern and that is rain, rain and more rain. Just after I planted my front yard I noticed my sprinklers weren’t going off so I had to do double watering duty to try and resurrect my little patch of growth. And now I’m getting worried that my plants are getting too much water because it will downpour at about 6 PM each night and then I hear my sprinklers pop on about 10 PM.

Since I only watch 1 show over the summer I have plenty of time to do other things. So here’s my Summer 09 reading list and here’s my disclaimer, I have no idea if these books are going to be good ones so I can’t recommend them but this is just what’s on my queue (and in no particular order):

One for the Money – Book 1 in the Stephanie Plum series

Silent in the Sanctuary – Book 2 in Lady Julia Grey mysteries

Winter Rose – (I’m reading this now, book 2 in Rose series)

April & Oliver – just ordered this and can’t wait for it to get here

The Bronze Horseman – mammoth book, will be the biggest book I’ve ever read, 1000+ pages

The Book Thief

Sarah’s Key – I’m 10th on the waiting list so this may not happen until Fall

Maisie Dobbs

House on Tradd Street

So that’s the plan. I’m sure 2 or 3 of these books will get dropped if I can’t get into them. I’ll report back and let you know which ones made it through tribal council.

It’s 4:04 PM while I’m typing this and I am hearing thunder. Lovely.

So with the beginning of summer, here are some things that I love about summer: warm nights that stay light until 9 PM, my nephew’s baseball games, pedicures, snowcones, fun summer desserts, driving with my sunroof open and back windows cracked, bbqs with friends, smores up in Mueller park, and June rain. Ok that last one was a joke. Can’t tell I’m tired of the rain can you. I’m always cursing myself in the month of June for owning a black car. Seriously, can it please rain a cleaner precipitation?

Last Saturday Jared and I took a short trip up to Park City to go to the Lucky Brand Outlet. I love that store and I got Jared hooked on their stuff too. There is a bag that I have been eyeing for a good 2 years now but it was always kind of expensive and I never bought it. Well I saw this particular bag at the outlet on Saturday and it was sitting on a rack that said 30% off marked down price. This bag had a sticker with $79 dollars on it. So I ask the girl is it really 30% off the $79 and she said yes. So when I took the bag up to the counter to buy it, it rang up at $76.50. I told the guy that they girl told me it was discounted more. So I grabbed the bag I saw with the $79 on it and they said that since I caught it they would give the bag to me at what the girl told me. So I got a $158 bag for $53. NOT BAD!!!!!! So I am saving this bag for my Vegas trip.

To leave you on a “What the?” note, I have posted a pic of Jared’s latest bowling score. We enjoy bowling but it would be half as big a deal if I weren’t so competitive. Typically Jared and I will place a wager depending on who the winner is. Most often, we’ll each win one game so we’re even but this last time Jared bowled he was on a roll. Check out his score. Is he for real? SEVEN strikes in a row? Really?


  1. Oh B, you are too funny! I seriously don't bowl for this reason...but 7 strikes, dang! We too have had more rain than usual in Texas. I just hate the storms and the damage they leave behind. We lost two sides of our fence and half our garden this year. Our roof was totalled also. Hard to believe you have been in Utah 11 years and hard to believe we both turn 29 this summer. I still remember....August 8th. :)

  2. You scored big on the bag . . . :)