Thursday, April 2, 2009

Earning Extra Cash to the 80s

So you are thinking, what in the world does making extra cash to the 80s mean? Well I will tell you. Actually that title is more like a letter puzzle on Wheel of Fortune that I haven't watched for 10+ years. In fact, I can't believe that show is still on. Ha!!!! There's another show that been on longer than ER!! Never watched ER. Sayonara ER tonight, I could care less that you are going to die out on a 3 hour finale. I'd rather watch Survivor anyway, or better yet, keep hitting my 972 page historical romance. Ate 47 pages last night . . . still hungry, that's a good sign.

Earning Extra Cash - here's a thought for those of you that want some extra greens in your pocket. Last year on the day after Thanksgiving I listed about 15 items on like used books, CDs and DVDs. I sold those 15 items in less than a day so I got thinking . . . what else could I sell. At the end of it all I sold over 65 items and made around $575 dollars and that was after amazon took it's cut. Paid for my Christmas. Not bad. So save up those items you think you could sell. You could make some extra cash. I think the key to it was the day after Christmas timing. Brilliant!!

Ok 80s - I've been needing some new tunes lately and those that know me know that my music taste is not what is on the radio. I HATE radio. So I bought M83 Sundays = Youth . . . funny CD but good. It's like the 80s revitalized in 2008. If you have an open mind you could give it a try. Think old Molly Ringwald movies.


  1. Great ideas B! I am going searching for items to sell. :)

  2. I've bought plenty on Amazon and it's always occured to me...time to sell! I love can buy ANYTHING! Great idea... good spring cleaning tip. I've done ebay... but almost think Amazon is easier.
    I think I'm going to seriously check it out...extra cash is nice. How are you paid? Do they deposit into paypal?

  3. Wow - I hadn't thought of selling on Amazon. And I love the Smith's (speaking of a Molly Ringwold movie)